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Pilates Class 028

Pilates Class 028

Bumps & mums - 30 minutes - Amit Younger - Fitness ball (Pilates Ball)


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This class starts with upper body and spine mobilization and then changes focus to core strength, pelvic stability and leg work. A lot of Pelvic Floor work is included as well.

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  • Verena G

    Love this class, very well-balanced in terms of mobilisation and strengthening exercises. I don't think one really needs a fitness ball since one can do all the sitting exercises in a chair as well. Plus: The class offers with plenty of exercises in the of all-fours-position which I find so comfortable in my late pregancy.

    Posted on 18:55, 06 July 2016

  • Holly Lawrence

    Tough on the abdominals but nonetheless a good class. The mermaid stretches and tail swishes were great at working out that crunchy spine!

    Posted on 20:44, 26 July 2015

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