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Pilates Class 234

Pilates Class 234

Bumps & mums - 10 minutes - Amit Younger - Elastic band

Class 234

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A short class appropriate for the second and third trimesters. This class is focused on the upper body- both in terms of strength and mobilization- two elements that are very important during and after pregnancy! A Big chunk of this class is done in the “high-kneeling” position which is great to open up the front of the hips and strengthen abdominals and gluteals; do pay attention though to your posture- don’t let the pelvis tilt forward with the lower back overly arching (hollowing). We use a light Elastic Band for this class, but all movements can be done without one as well. It may sounds silly… but if you visualize that you are holding an Elastic-Band and that you are working against it, it will get your muscles firing accordingly! 

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