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Pilates Class 248

Pilates Class 248

Intermediate - 20 minutes - Holly Murray - Hand Weights

Class 248

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Fantastic workout for the upper back.  A great place to counter poor posture from sitting all day in front of a steering wheel or computer. It can be done with or without weights.  Remember it is not the size of the weight that is important, but the execution of the work...

What others are saying...

  • sharon cole

    Great class great detail to shoulder placement/alignment

    Posted on 11:52, 12 December 2014

  • kamala royala

    Effective class for upper back. I was sore in my upper back the next day.

    Posted on 08:56, 20 November 2014

  • Maria H

    Loved this little class. Really well explained to get into correct positions and work through the movements.

    Posted on 20:05, 14 November 2014

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