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Pilates Class 251

Pilates Class 251

Advanced - 30 minutes - Holly Murray

Class 251

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Be prepared to sweat!! they do!  Fun exhilarating class.  Continuous flowing movement  focusing on lengthening and toning  throughout.  Give it a go and have fun. You don not want to miss this one, trust me.

What others are saying...

  • Lana Savoca


    Posted on 11:45, 02 March 2016

  • Anne Clay

    My first POD class and what a great one to start with thank you. I will definitely be doing again. Added to favorites.

    Posted on 09:50, 12 January 2015

  • sharon cole

    Wow red cheeked now!!! We'll done holly for instructing and performing, lots of practice needed to perfect this class for me .

    Posted on 16:39, 09 September 2014

  • Penny Chetwynd-Talbot

    Intense! Thank you. Really great class. Definitely sweating now. :)

    Posted on 18:38, 13 August 2014

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