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Pilates Class 253

Pilates Class 253

Intermediate - 30 minutes - Holly Murray

 Class 253

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Butt kicking workout - No props are needed! just your butt! To tone buttocks you need good leg bone( femur ) to hip bone placement, and be diligent to work the buttock recruitment continuously  throughout your class.

What others are saying...

  • Rachel Jackson

    Thoroughly enjoyed this class - really made me analyse what I'm doing! Many thanks.

    Posted on 08:07, 30 May 2016

  • Sally Vavoula

    Wow! This was a really instructive class and made me use muscles that I'd forgotten about! Thank you!

    Posted on 16:03, 08 April 2016

  • Jenni Flight

    A bit too hard to follow for me, sadly, I can't get the "wrapping" idea at all.

    Posted on 09:23, 30 September 2015

  • Ellie Priest

    Great class thanks Holly :) - this feels especially great after your workshop on Saturday as it gave me chance to re-practice what we learnt. Thank you and hopefully I will see you again soon. Ellie x

    Posted on 11:40, 09 March 2015

  • Charlotte Wassell

    Very interesting class, would have liked a little deeper explanation but I understand we were moving at an intermediate pace. Is there a lower-level class with similar focus but more explanation perhaps? Also the instructor was asking the client to engage "here" but as she was touching her and not me I wasn't 100% sure where I was supposed to be working.

    Posted on 08:47, 27 February 2015

  • Lisa Schutz

    would prefer if the model knew the exercise

    Posted on 00:40, 08 January 2015

  • kay Day

    Your ace Holly, really understood your instruction and was amazed at the difference executing the right muscles and correct makes to the moves could feel it working just where it is needed. Thank you

    Posted on 14:11, 15 October 2014

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