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Pilates Class 265

Pilates Class 265

Basic - 10 minutes - Anoushka Boone

anoushka boone pilates

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A basic relaxation session to ease out tension from the shoulders and upper-mid back area. You can use this class after a strong workout (Pilates/Yoga or any Cardio workout) or simply after a tensed day in the office… for this class you would need to place 2 Tennis Balls in a sock and make a knot, allowing the balls just a little room to move around.

What others are saying...

  • Lucy J

    This felt like torture at some points - didn't realise I was so tight in my back... I blame computers... thanks anoushka for a lovely painful release. I'll be ready with my balls in a sock tomorrow :)

    Posted on 15:25, 06 March 2017

  • judy siek

    10 minutes is just too short. Especially with such a fantastic instructor.

    Posted on 13:14, 01 March 2017

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