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Pilates Class 407

Pilates Class 407

Intermediate - 30 minutes - Michael King

Class 407

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A Standing Pilates class that takes all the Mat principles and puts them to the challenge in the upright position. This class will improve your coordination, balance and posture, but please don’t get frustrated if you lose your balance once in a while… ;o) 

What others are saying...

  • Lucy J

    wow, I don't thing I have ever done a class just standing. This was hard! :)
    Really enjoyed the balancing challenges that made me rethink my positions and pay attention to which muscles I am really using. Will definitely do it again.

    Posted on 12:32, 13 May 2017

  • Amanda Wood

    Really feel challenged and balanced, good for shoulders too.

    Posted on 10:41, 06 April 2017

  • Naomi S

    Really enjoyable and definitely a challenge to my balance, thank you

    Posted on 11:13, 12 February 2017

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