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Pilates Class 421

Pilates Class 421

Intermediate - 45 minutes - Siobhan Paton - Elastic band

Pilates Class 421

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The Stretchy Mat class is a feel good, yummy way to practice at an Intermediate level when you feel like you need a break from the usual structure of the classes you are doing. It’s most effective if you already do considerable work at this level, as the knowledge of healthy movement keeps you connected even as you ‘let go’…

What others are saying...

  • Rachel Jackson

    Absolutely loved this. It enabled me to really feel where my body was going - not always possible during a faster paced intermediate routing. Siobhan's cueing really helped me take the knowledge I've gained from many years of practice to another level. More, please!

    Posted on 11:57, 28 December 2016

  • Amit -yoopod

    Thank you for your feedback Sylvia. I agree that this class can be used by people at a Basic level, but as the description says- it was created with the idea of giving people at an Intermediate level a "break from the usual classes"- an opportunity to feel their body in a different way. Hope you enjoyed the class :) Amit

    Posted on 12:31, 06 December 2016

  • Sylvia C

    I think this should be reclassified as a Beginner's class!

    Posted on 15:38, 04 December 2016

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