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Online Pilates Exercise Videos

Welcome to our resources section

Here you will find an extensive pilates exercise library, which includes Pilates essentials clips as well as variations and modifications of these exercises to help you tailor them to your individual needs. This section is completely free to everyone and we hope will encourage you to become a full PilatesOD member in order to enjoy our full range of classes and features.

  • Pilates essentials

    This section includes explanations of all the Pilates essentials - from Breathing to engaging your abdominals. We highly recommend taking a few minutes to watch some of these clips - they are great tools for anyone practicing Pilates, whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced Pilates practitioner.

    Pilates essentials
  • Pilates Exercises and Variations

    Access an extensive video library of Pilates exercises and variations. These short clips explain how each exercise should be done, how it evolves from the easier to the more difficult variations and what to pay attention to in order to perform the exercise successfully and to achieve the best results.

    Pilates Exercises and Variations
  • Pilates Modifications and assists

    In this section you will find ways to adapt Pilates exercises to make them more suitable for your individual needs as well as easy solutions to common problems people encounter when they take Pilates classes.

    Pilates Modifications and assists
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